Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sowing the Seeds of Hatred and Fear

And, who is Robert Fisk, anyway?

An activist friend sent me an article by Robert Fisk entitled "The Crushing Fear that Stalks America" and I read this article with grim satisfaction. I then plowed through every other article by Mr. Fisk referenced on the website at which I found the first one. I have not looked for information on the identity and biography of Mr. Fisk; suffice it to say that he is published in an internationally recognized venue.

Whence comes my grim satisfaction? I have been asserting for the duration of Bush's tenure as our Usurper President that he and his cronies are using fear and bipartisan divisiveness both as red herrings (to distract us from our most pressing issues) and as a highly effective means of control (how do we address Bushco's crimes and misdemeanors when we're too busy hating each other because of some ephemeral, loosely-defined categories?).

Hmmmm... I am not the only one, either. Most of my activist friends have grappled with these realizations. We have--almost to a person--articulated deep frustration about the effectiveness of this Bushco ploy (not necessarily Bush's brainchild, as he lacks such intellect--perhaps, Rove's?). How do the vast majority of Americans assert that they are deeply spiritual (read "Christian") while clinging voraciously to their hatred of all things antithetical to their beliefs?

And, help me understand this deep, irrational fear. If all these people truly believe in God--in Whom we place our trust and our faith--why is this fear such a powerful, definitive force in our politics? Trust in God with all your heart, we learn in our earliest inculcation into the Christian ideology. Does anyone truly believe the Creator of this Universe would mock us with His Grace?

Furthermore, why fear death? How irrational is this fear? Death is our transition. Again, the Christian ideology trains us to perceive death as our imminent reunion with God. How is this an event to be feared?

Hmmm... Just thinking out loud here. Any responses? Anyone out there?

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