Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Secret War

There is a secret war being waged, and I would like to be among the first to publicly announce this fact. You will not see information about this war in the mainstream media, nor will you hear the pundits discuss it ad nauseum, the way they discuss the current crop of presidential candidates or the vile "secular progressives" who "hate America."

No, you will not hear anything about this war through established news sources. In fact, you will have to become a bit of a sleuth in order to put together the pieces of the puzzle and understand what has been happening under our very noses. Below is a website I just found while doing my own sleuthing. I think it is essential information to help you understand this Secret War. I hope you will read what you find there.

This war is being waged in a manner wholly unlike traditional warfare. Bloodshed is rare, and masked as the work of an insignificant number of 'terrorists' who provide both a handy smokescreen and an effective diversion from the truth. The enemy is, in fact, a great pretender, and masquerades as friends and allies of our country. Our leaders, in their arrogance, do not see the viper they've clasped to their breasts, and this is the primary reason the enemy has succeeded thus far. If the enemy remains successful well past the 'killing thrust' they will still act as our friends and allies, eager to help us in our time of great distress.

This war has been ongoing for centuries, but that is the true nature of our enemy. This war has metamorphosed as our world economy has evolved, but that is one of the great talents of our highly adaptable enemy. Furthermore, time is not relevant in this war, only the outcome.

The primary means of waging this war have been economic. Herein lies the bulk of my personal research. The various disparate threads weaving themselves together into the macabre tapestry I am describing all lead back to economic behavior which--on the surface--looks like normal behavior among allies. Our enemy's patience is immeasurable. The killing thrust of the "sword" will likely occur even as our enemy is smiling at us and holding hands, promising help and succor in our time of need.

If the people who are attacking us succeed in their war, the US dollar will be devalued to a level never seen in our entire history. Our already fragile economy will require 'intervention' by the very countries least likely to have our best interests at heart. This bloodless coup will irretrievably alter the economic landscape of our world. And, when our foreign investors call their destructive debt markers, it will irretrievably alter the economic landscape of our nation.

Is there yet hope? Our nation will first have to acknowledge and address the true enemy, which will require that our criminal administration cease and desist holding their hands (see Craig Unger's book). Current economic decisions are the primary weapons of our enemy, and we remain complicit in our own demise until and unless We The People get a clue and be the change we wish to see in the world. I still wear my rose colored glasses about this potential recovery, but I can't say for how long...